There is a paradise on earth

Mater: unusual hotel in the cave
A unique boutique hotel built in the ancient caves of ancient Matera. The ascetic simplicity of the situation underlines the special atmosphere of the "frozen history" The caves of Civita…

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The hotel "Villa Edem" description
The hotel is a landscaped and manicured Park area with rich vegetation and healing, where everyone can find a place for relaxation or entertainment, be pampered in a cafe near…

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Hotel in the sea

What makes this place unique? The luxury furnishings and exclusive service. But the main pleasure is the privacy and complete isolation. Here even the birds rarely fly.


Wealthy guests bring on an exclusive island on a comfortable katerkah, which, incidentally, is not in any weather to moor to a concrete pier.

Among the best hotels in the world “Spitbank Fort” occupied a special niche exceptional privacy. Despite the fact that sea fortress is only two hours away from London, to get to her curious paparazzi is not so easy.

Usually the best hotels in the world can boast a Paradise of nature — rare plants, blooming gardens, and shaded paths for long walks. Here you will not find. And yet “Spitbank Fort” is one of the most interesting representatives of the best hotels in the world. Its highlight is the complete isolation, exceptional service and the Maritime environment. Continue reading

The world’s best hotels for the wedding night

“With a sweet Paradise in a tent” — honeymoon is the time when these words hard to believe quite frankly. But still, when you are planning your honeymoon, do not pass up this luxury. Spend at least one night in the room of one of the best hotels in the world.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

The French capital is the main destination for all romantics of the world. And, of course, there is a huge number of magnificent hotels, many of which can be safely attributed to the category of the best. One of them is the famous “George V”, located on the homonymous street in two steps from the legendary Champs Elysées.

Prices for double occupancy start at €815 per night. Not cheap, as they say, but not angrily. The interiors are decorated in Louis XVI style, which in itself is significant. Continue reading


Tours to France — a great opportunity to get acquainted with the country that gave the world a huge number of works of art. Eiffel tower and the Louvre, champagne, gourmet cuisine. This is not a complete list. For people who are fashion-conscious, a trip to France is a great opportunity to walk to the shops, in the country where all fashion trends.

Vacation in France is a Paradise and the focus of luxury. Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Saint-Tropez… the Atmosphere of the côte d’azur attracts a respectable audience, and the legendary hotels of France are well known all over the world. Here before you stayed Hemingway and Churchill, Henri Citroen Picasso, Bordeaux and John Lennon.

France attracts romantics, gourmets, winter sports enthusiasts, art lovers and beautiful life. France is good at anytime of the year. In warmer months, tourists from around the world flock to Paris, the “city of lights”, the capital of sophisticated style and high cuisine. Paris offers a rich cultural tours to France, the opportunity to visit the Disneyland, in the old towns and castles that are located to the South of the capital, in the Loire Valley. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

What hotels yet the human imagination: the prisons of the room from water reinforced concrete pipes, hotels-capsule hotels in caravans, trams and planes, even in the trees. You may have already seen some of them. And today we will get acquainted with the most unusual hotels according to the version of Lefkadia.

1. Let’s start with our favorite hotel, the one we have mentioned — the Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavore in the Netherlands. His rooms are made from real wine barrels. Each of the barrels fit in to 14.5 thousand liters of wine, and now accommodates two beds, TV, radio, shower and a small living room in which you can relax with a coffee or glass of wine.

2. You wondered how the inside could look a Trojan horse? If you look at the About hotel La Balade des Gnomes, very unusual! This hotel in Belgium you’ll find 10 uniquely decorated bedrooms and styled, based on fairy tales from the four corners of the world. Continue reading

Hotels Holguin

Don’t know where to stay in Holguin? We have prepared an overview of best city hotels of different classes.

Jason Wells

The downside of this resort is that there are very few hotels. This is due to the fact that the resort has only recently started to be very popular. Despite this, there have appeared several very good hotels.

The best hotel Holguin, of course, there is a five-star hotel Playa Costa Verde. The reviews about this hotel Holguin excellent. Guests celebrate sensitive and a great staff that treats every visitor. Is this Holguin hotel almost in the center of all events, namely, on the white sand beach — Playa Pesquero. The structure itself is a 31 storey-bungalows with 480 rooms. Even among them there are 4 rooms for disabled people and people with disabilities. Continue reading

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